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Choose according to bodyweight

SAFE Med Pressure Distributing Products are for everybody who wants to sit and lie comfortably with easy mobility and optimal pressure distribution or pressure relief for pressure sore prevention, pain relief, recovery and balance of the body. Are you thin, normal weight or overweight? Choose according to bodyweight. SAFE Med Products are 100% pure foam products, without volatile oil components, thereby 100% allergy friendly, while they can be machine washed at 95ºC and be tumble dried. The products have the greatest bearing capacity and breathability. The lifetime is three times longer than the best comparable product in visco elastic foam. 
All foam products and covers meet the requirements for cleaning contagious bacteria according to MRSA and Covid-19, corona virus.
CE-marked Medical Device MDR regulation (EU) 2017/745

Sales to the healthcare sector & private individuals - Wholesale to distributors B2B

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Our 8 Product Catagories

Mattresses, mattress overlays for pressure relief, antidecubitus mattresses and overlays, pain relief, osteoarthritis, scoliosis, slipped disc


Pressure relief
Low pressure
Pain relieving

seat cushions pressure relief

Seat cushions

Coccyx cut seat
Hip cushion
Sit wedge
Anatomical seat
Lumbar support

Positioning cushions for pressure relief, boomerang cushion, banana cushion, long cushions, neck pillow


Positioning system
Banana cushion
Long cushion
Neck pillow

Operation theater, positioning cushions, mattresses and cushions for surgical positions of patients


Operation theater
Mattresses and

cushions for
surgical positions
of patients

Pressure relief for heel, ear and head

Pressure relief

Heel lift
Heel cushion
Ear pillow
Anatomic pillow 

Leg cushion and Arm cushion for pressure relief

Leg and Arm

Leg support
Arm support
Knee support
Knee cushion
Arm cushion

Toilet seat cushions for pressure relief

Toilet cushions

Toilet seat cushion
Toilet chair cushion
Open front cushion
Shower chair cushion
Toilet backrest

Covers incontinence for mattresses


Full covers

Duvet covers
Pillow covers

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We have worldwide distributors
with whom we have build longterm partnerships and we are always in the spirit to build for the future 

seeking several new professional and ambitious market partners
for the
private and institutional healthcare sector.


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Danish Company TT SAFE Med ApS celebrates 30th Anniversary on 18th of February, 2023

TT SAFE Med ApS was founded in 1993 after a 2-year research project on pressure ulcer prevention at Nyborg Hospital in Denmark, where the effect was documented. Today, SAFE Med mattresses, seat cushions and various positioning cushions in the special pressure-distributing temperature-sensitive foam is used in hospitals, nursing homes and private homes throughout the country of Denmark and is exported around the world.
The success is partly that SAFE Med Products, unlike other viscoelastic foam products and aids, can be machine washed and tumble dried at very high temperatures.
The second generation took over the company after the founder Jens Cremer in 2009. In 2014, the current owners, the sibling couple Susanne Cremer Domino and Mikael Troelsgaard Cremer, made the decision to go directly to the Danish market, which otherwise had only been handled by dealers. There are many and more paths to the customers today, and as with everything else, there has been a big change in the way to reach different customers.

Our guideline is to choose mattress and seat cushion according to bodyweight.
Research is the base for our upstart and the development of many different constructions is a result of many years of experienced based use and knowledge.

SAFE Med Products are high quality products at a reasonable price and can be machine washed at up to 95 degrees and be tumble dried.

Our loyal customers' experience is that they reach far both financially and humanly by using simple, safe, silent pressure-distributing and pressure-relieving aids for pressure ulcer prevention, healing of pressure ulcers and for pain relief. Furthermore, fulfilling the importance of sustainability and strengthen economy with the possibility of 100% cleaning. Possibility of 100% cleaning provides a high recycling value.

SAFE Med Products is a versatile program of pressure-relieving aids for sitting and lying down safely and comfortably 24 hours a day: Pressure-relieving overlay mattresses, fullbody mattresses, seat cushions, ear protection cushions, heel lifts, seat cushions with coccyx cut, seat wedges, sloping cushions, arthrodese hip cushions, leg cushions, leg support, arm cushions, armrests, shower chair cushions, toilet cushions, toilet chair cushions and many different positioning cushions.

The latest news is our Soft-Cell™ cover, which is waterproof with a fabric surface like silk, which at the same time absorbs more moisture than cotton, a pressure-relieving cushion for the shower chair and pressure-relieving arm cushions for armrests on wheelchairs.


Susanne Cremer Domino
CEO - Product Specialist

Mikael Troelsgaard Cremer
COO - Chief Operation Officer

Financial Officer