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At SAFEmed academy you can acquire technical knowledge about our products - we will continuously update the Academy as new knowledge will arise. Please call us if anything is needed.

All products are certified according to below quality labels.

In conformity with the (EU) 2017/745, Medical Device Regulations  (MDR) and meet the essential requirements for safety and performance

All cushions, overlays, positioning cushions and operation products can be machine washed at 95ºC - Autoclave up to 134ºC

All cushions, overlays, positioning cushions and operation products can be tumble dried at high temperature after washing.

For development, production and processing requirements are fulfilled and certificate registration for standard ISO 9001:2008


Safety, Health and Environmental friendly performance

Free of cadmium and lead pigments

Free of Halogens, TCPP and Arsenic compounds

Highest standard Öko-Tex ”Product Class I for Baby”

Fire tests

Our products meet all required standards which comply ignition test and match flame test.

BS EN 1021-1, BS EN 1021-2, BS EN 597-1, BS EN 597-2

Learn about our covers!
As sheets, duvet covers, pillow cases


COMFOR black color is strong, elastic and breathable
Antistatic, Antimicrobiel, Flametest BS 7175, Crib 5
Washable up to 95°C/test 50 times. Tumble dry up to 60°C/test 50 times

COMFOR grey color is strong, elastic and breathable
Antimicrobiel, Flametest BS 7175, Crib 5 and EN 597-1 & 2
Washable up to 95°C/test 50 times. Tumble dry up to 60°C/test 50 times

SOFT-CELL™ black color is strong, elastic breathable and absorbs more moisture than cotton
Ignition test EN 597-1:1995 and ISO 12952-1:2011
Washable in machine 60°C at least 100 times-by 95°C at least 20 times / will lose color. Tumble dry up to 70°C 

SOFT-CELL™ white color is strong, elastic breathable and absorbs more moisture than cotton
Ignition test EN 597-1:1995 and ISO 12952-1:2011 
Washable in machine 60°C at least 100 times-by 95°C at least 20 times. Tumble dry up to 70°C  

COTTON VELOURS white color is very soft and elastic
80% Cotton-20% Polyester
Wash 60°C – no shrinkage
Wash 95°C – up to 5% shrinkage
Tumble drying by medium temperature

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Learn about Pressure distribution!

Antidecubitus and Pain relief

SAFE Med Products - lying on and sitting on follows the contour of the body supplying efficient pressure distribution. In general it is important that pressure is well distributed and the pressure must be distributed over a large surface. To have a low average pressure and at the same time not to have high peak points. By bony prominences to have little difference in the border areas is important. 


Pressure ulcer/tissue damages - Why do they occur?
DEFORMATION of tissue is the main reason. Pressure ulcers occur due to a strain of the soft tissue. When tissue is loaded by sitting in a chair or lying in a bed tissue is deformed (In the border areas the damage occurs first). DEFORMATION of tissue is a bigger factor than the lack of blood supply. High load (pressure/shear) gives much deformation which tissue can not cope with and an ulcer will develop in a short time. After long period of light load of tissue with less blood supply also a pressure ulcer will develop. PRESSURE DISTRIBUTION and to move without shear/friction will prevent deformation of tissue and give a longer time between re-positioning intervals.

Learn about our Operation Theater products!

To keep 100% Clean and Bacteriafree

SAFE Med Operation Products are standard mattresses and pads with Comfor-OP Anti-static cover. Special use shown here with SAFE Med OP-mattresses cut into different dimensions for special positioning use. Disposal or cotton covers are then always used on each cut item during operations! 

SAFE Med Operation mattresses and positioning products promote and ensure the optimal positioning of the patient during a surgery. Our selection of positioning pads and the possibility to cut appropriate pads provides various opportunities to obtain the most appropriate positioning of the patient.

COMFOR OP-cover is water proof, breathable and elastic.The cover is fitted with concealed plastic zipper and has glued seems to ensure optimal hygiene. Even though an antibacterial or water proof cover is used with the product, there is no guarantee that the foam will not be infected. It is very important that the foam can be washed and hot steam sterilized. Washing of both cover and foam will ensure a clean and hygienic environment.

The products can be machine washed at 95°C, tumble dried and steam or hot air sterilized at 134°C.

SAFE Med OP-Products are ANTI-STATIC and X-ray penetrable. Do not contain phthalates and are latex free.

The pressure distributing effect of the mattresses and pads ensures no deformation of the tissue and optimal circulation of the blood. Comfortable positioning of the patient is possible even in awkward positions.

SAFE Med operation products are used in hospitals in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Japan.